About Us

CitiStaff Solutions is one of the State’s leaders in the staffing industry.  With over 20 years combined experience and a Customer satisfaction track record, we are dedicated to matching the right client with the right associates that will prove to be cost efficient.

There are many reasons why CitiStaff Solutions is the right choice for you.


 We Get It! CitiStaff Solutions understands the importance of having the RIGHT WORKFORCE  in place to provide efficiency and productivity that will meet your deadlines. Therefore, our recruiting team is highly trained and qualified to make the Right Choices for your company.


CitiStaff Solutions believes  in placing  The Right People for The right Job.  We are committed to ensure a smooth staffing operation that will prepare your business for the next level of success.


We know how to do it Right, The Right Way the First Time.  Our Staffing Supervisors have experience you can count on!  CitiStaff Solutions will relieve your staffing concerns so that you can get back to what you do best, focusing on efficiency, productivity and  meeting delivery schedules.  A definite plus that will result in profits for your company.

The people behind CitiStaff Solutions will exceed your expectations. You too can  entrust CitiStaff Solutions to handle your Company’s staffing needs.

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